We offer two development programmes to develop people at junior/middle management and senior management.

Each programme is delivered using a combination of self reflection, group discussion, coaching exercises and insight.


The Ladder Talent Leadership Development Programme has been designed to increase participants’ understanding of good leadership, build their confidence, and develop their self awareness. They will leave the group sessions with an increased ability to identify and establish their own leadership style. Using a combination of self reflection, group discussion, coaching exercises and insight, this programme specifically caters for senior leaders. 

The six two-hour group sessions cover:

– Leading with purpose
– How to be an authentic leader
– What good leadership looks like
– How to build trust
– How to manage change and relationships
– Reflection and action plan

This programme is aimed at managers in senior leadership roles. With a maximum of six participants, it is delivered as group sessions in your workplace. 


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The Ladder Talent Rising Stars Development Programme accelerates the development of high potential talent. By raising awareness on how to maximise natural strengths, the organisation benefits from a talent pool who are motivated, energised and able to bring their true self to the workplace. 

Managers who focus on strengths and natural personalities of their team benefit from higher engagement, productivity and performance. Individuals gain more when they build on their talents or strengths, than when they make comparable efforts to improve their areas of weakness.

The programme includes:
– A HR briefing and planning session in advance
– Individual strengths assessments

– A four hour group workshop 
– 1:1 coaching and debrief sessions

This programme is aimed at junior and middle management staff with high potential. With a maximum of twelve participants, it is delivered as group workshop in your workplace, followed by 1:1 sessions on Skype. 


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